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The famous English idiom by anonymous says, "a picture paints one thousand words." On your wedding day, two of those one thousand life changing words will be exchanged before your family and friends to confirm your love and willingness to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.


"It's just one day," some may say, but is it really? The timeless emotions and feelings, tears and laughter shared on this special occasion won't want to ever be forgotten. And they won't because we will capture each and every one of them, from the preparation accompanied with moments of butterflies in your stomachs to your first's as husband and wife; first glance, first kiss, first dance, and the emotions of those that are sharing them with you.


We will put a picture to every memorable scene to aid in your memory and bring the senses you felt to life when reviewing them, whether it be on your anniversaries, sharing them with your children or for just for sweet memories sake.


We take this responsibility as your photographer as seriously as you do. In choosing the right photographer, the time they take to get to know their clients, their story, their preferences, and what matters to them is so important to take note of. Overtime, in our experience, spending as much time as we could in those aspects portray beautifully into the photos. They, in turn, become so much more than just photos but translate into art, proving how much we value our responsibility.


Our aim is to ensure the highest quality and ranking of service to our clients, hence BG Photography only reserves a certain quantity of bookings per year to do so. We welcome travel for destination weddings and have exclusive packages for every couple's needs.


BG Photography deems it a pleasure and priveledge to freeze in time Your Happily Ever After and share it as a precious heirloom.



For Every Memory

We're looking forward to capturing your special day!