the Man Behind The Lens


Mr. Braxton Gardiner is a young, self- motivated, Bahamian entrepreneur in the photography industry in the Bahamas as well as abroad. He is most ardent about the masterpieces that he gets to produce every time he does a photoshoot. The moment he first picked up a camera in high school and took the first shot, he was amazed at the way picturesque moments can be so fascinating and evoke such lively emotions. Furthering about his love for photography, he is involved in not only the shooting aspect but getting to know his clients so that they can capture the moment that’s most sought after. 

His photography services are based on lifestyle, beauty and wedding and at BG Photography there’s an undeniable truth that you will receive professionalism, creativity, passion, and authenticity. Furthermore, Mr. Gardiner describes one of the reasons he has desire for photography as, “knowing that I’m responsible for producing a piece of work that would put a sparkle in someone’s eyes while preserving a moment in time that they will never get back but can always look back upon, moved me”. With BG Photography you can expect a plethora of greatness where the most exceptional forever are seized within timeless images.






Braxton Gardiner